Template and hidden code issue

Hi Team,

I need you to look at a template I’m having problems with as it’s not behaving properly when published.

  1. Some of the collections page appear correct and some as attached.

  2. Form Success message not appearing.

Here is my site Read-Only:


I have had a response with the following advice:

  1. For collection lists, try using Grid instead of the layout function. Here is a video that I’ve made to help explain: How to Webflow: Using CSS Grid with Webflow Collection List Wrappers - Tutorial (2020) - YouTube

  2. I see that you have some custom code that might be causing this issue. Can you try to temporarily remove or comment it out and test if your form works?

My reply!

Hi Nelson,

Thank you for your help.

Point 1) What I don’t understand is that layout is working as it should on all other collections a part from; Cartier, Longines & Vacheron?
Plus, if I change to Grid. How do I keep the same layout as I want them to range central to the page?

Point 2) Yes, if I move and hide the custom code the Thank you message now appears. Problem is, I need to be able to post this information with in the form?