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Temperamental Dynamic item


I am creating a Portfolio for a client and I am having issues with a Dynamic item.

The client wants the design row of 3. Whenever I edit or add/delete a case study I get this. (See below)

Should look like this:

It only fixes itself when I add another case study - it’s very temperamental.

I’ve deleted all the filters, as soon as I add one, it goes funny again (:grinning:)

When I added padding to the dynamic item on desktop view, the iPad view thumbnail images go out of place. I don’t want to add more padding on the iPad view as it isn’t what the client wants the thumbnails to look like.

It’s very frustrating. Please help!


Hi @PiXL3, thanks for the question. The dynamic list does not autocalculate for height of the dynamic list item, so to get all items to be aligned, give the dynamic item class a fixed, % or vh height so that all dynamic items are contained within same height divs.

I hope this helps.

Hi @cyberdave,

Apologies for the late reply.
Yes. This helps loads.

Rupen and Kajal

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