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Telling Elements to be visible at specific times during the week?

Is it possible to tell a container to be visible during specific times throughout the week? For example, if I wanted to have the header background image change to “Live Now” during specific streaming times? I don’t think this is possible right now with web flow but wanted to check. Thanks for any help! I didn’t see any topics about this. (I may not be using the right words :wink:

you can use javascript or query to get the client-side time/date.

if time/date is equal to “X” then show [this element]
if not then show [this element] instead

Getting client-side time/date is not a good idea since there are TimeZones. If he wants to have something available at 10am-11am (let’s say) in Poland it is around 3am in US. This should check the server side time. If the site is hosted on private server you could write a custom PHP script that will return a time and day back to the JavaScript method at website which will decide whether the object should be visible or not.