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Team plan (Only 1 seat possible?)

I have a question about the minimum size of a team-plan.
Do I have to assign minimum 2 seats or is it possible also with one seat.

Example: I start with 2 seats and downgrade after 1 month to only one seat.

Thank you

Team plans are billed starting at two seats. You still have to pay for that even if you are the only one on the team down the road. Thanks Webflow.

At the checkout-page I can see that only 1 seat is possible to checkout. (Screenshot)
@webdev : Are you sure the minimum is 2 seats?

Pretty sure. I canceled mine so I can’t double check for you. It did take two. You the owner of the team (paid) and another member (paid). There was no announcement of a change that I am aware of and I would assume they would have updated the docs / announced a change.