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Team plan but can't create more projects

Hello everyone,

I have a Team Plan since 3 months ago. Today I tried to buy a template and I got this error:

How can this be possible? It’s asking me to upgrade account plan. I pay $84 per month already and I can’t create any more projects when for Teams it’s 100+ … I got only 4.

Can anyone from Webflow provide some help? Thanks a lot!

Hello @Quitos ,

This behavior is actually expected as Team Accounts can not purchase Webflow templates, only Individual Accounts can.

So in order to use a template for your team, purchase or create the project on your Individual Account, and according to your screenshot, you would first need to make room on your Individual Dasboard for another project by either deleting or transfer a project out of it.

Once the project with the template is on your Individual Dashboard, you can Transfer it to your Team Account →.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your answer. I did that and it worked.

I hope Webflow makes this experience much smoother in the future…