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Team Members and Client - Team Subscription

I have a client who has set up a webflow account and has added a team subscription for developing a site for them. He doesn’t need the designer view, but they have him as 1 of 2 of the seats(has him as the default 1st seat and me as second). How can he transfer the team seat to another member of my team?

Can’t. You would need to have them add another member.

OK thanks for the quick response.

My client shouldnt have to pay for a seat that he’s never going to use, while we develop the site for him. Should maybe add roles to the team seats so that they dont have to pay.

Whats a work around this?

There is no workaround aside from you having your own team and just sharing previews. In that case you would still have to figure out if you would transfer the site in the end. Webflow really has some work todo on Teams. I can’t have a non employee with access to all my “team” sites for example. I spun up teams on my account for occasional collaboration but got tired of paying $42 + $89 every month when no one needed to collaborate. Found other tools to be cheaper and provide much more granular control over rights and permissions.

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