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Taxi Website - Please Critique! - Yellow Cab Tri-Valley

Hi Guys, Just put up a website for my parent’s business. I tried to take into account Local SEO practices and built on a conversion methodology with a lot of call to actions to hopefully make the site convert better. Let me know what you guys think (good and bad)! Thanks!

[Yellow Cab Tri-Valley][1] [1]:

Haha, the cab yellow and black will always graphically work :smile: Nice looking page.

As for the critique, here are some details:

The sub text on this section is very thin on Chrome Mac:

40px of padding could be added here and here, for breathing:

The footer could benefit margins on the sides, it’s a litle constraint… maybe you should put the content into a container:

Here again, 40px of added padding would be cool :smile:

Hope this makes sense :slight_smile: good job

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I’ve made all of your suggested changes, haha. Definitely more breathing room there. I will definitely apply this principle to other pages–thank you for the critiques!

Haha, great :slight_smile: As we often say, you’re not paying for all this white space! :wink:

On the ‘prices’ page I don’t like the shadow or dark outer glow on the yellow text. You can tone that back and have it a lot more legible or just change the menu button color to black or white.

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Really good start! :smile:

Here are some things to note though:

  • Making someone click on a button to see a form gives less conversions than a form that is already showing on the page. Example: Airline websites.
  • The hero and second rows have the same exact content showing in two different ways. Maybe remove the second row completely to keep things more simple.
  • The hero row background with the taxi’s are distracting from your main call-to-action
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That was a bothering glow indeed, @Darian! I tried to work with the shadow settings but the shadowing simply didn’t work with the yellow font color of the navlinks on some of the other pages. I resorted to a reduced opacity background overlays behind pages with dark picture backgrounds. Ended up putting an IX in too. Thank you!