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Taxi Fare Estimator Help!

Hello All,
My name is Maria, and I am very much a newbie when it comes to website design, but would like to surprise my partner for his birthday present. On my Home Page, I would like to create a taxi fare estimator. Does anyone know how to do it? Would I need to custom create it? If so, is anyone able to assist? Thanking you all in advance =)

It would be a good idea if you provide more information and context… do you already have a website? is it made in webflow? are you making a new website? in webflow? do you have any kind of map integration already? is it google maps or other mapping?

please provide as much detailed information as you can so we can give you a reasonable answer and/or suggestion…

if you are looking to hire someone you should publish a request in the freelancer section

oh and a simple google search turns up results like this

and I am sure there are more options if you are willing to search around :slight_smile: