Targeting Specific Empty Dynamic CMS Lists

Hey there -

I have two separate collection lists parent dovs I’m trying to apply the following code to:

$('.w-dyn-empty').parents('.section').each(function(){ $(this).hide()})

I’ve applied classes to ‘.w-dyn-empty’ to try to target. Having no luck. Is there a way to change the default class name for empty list items?


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I can’t help you with the code, but can you tell more about what you’re trying to achieve with JS that you can’t do inside of Webflow?

Is this inside of a document ready function?

Guessing you are trying to hide the parent section of an emtpy CMS element?

Correct. I have two different CMS collections on a page. Want to hide the parent of one of them when the CMS element is empty. (The other is empty as well, but I’m displaying a custom message there)

@Kyle_Winton is it in a document ready function?

Below is some sample code I’ve used for this in the past:

$(function() {

var dividers = $('.service-divider');
$('.case-services.w-dyn-bind-empty').each(function() {