Targeting a heading link in a block div

Frontend developer here, loving Webflow, just have a question about targeting a heading link within a block container.

So basically, i have something like this:

<a class="link-block w-inline-block" href="#">
              <h3>What we do</h3>
              <p>together we mean business</p>

I have styled my h3’s a certain, though with these block links, I want them them slightly differently, if coding by hand, the css might look like this: h3 {

So I wonder how i achieve the above from a webflow designer interface point of view, as far as I can see, i would need to add a class to the h3, which is fine, though just cleaner for me to target the parent div and then the child elements within it.


Webflow still working on the best way to make this possible!

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