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Tap event ending

Hi, I have an image with hover event. So, as soon mouse over this image became bigger. At the same time this image is a link. So, as soon as I click this image it forward me to other application (like Skype) and image freeze in hover position. It’s not a big deal with desktop browser, when you get back to initial page the hover state will change back. Another situation with mobile browser. When you tap image it will forward you to Skype, but when you get back image stay in hover position and wont get back. What to do?

Can you provide a link to your project so I can check out what’s happening?


This takes me to my dashboard. Open up your project settings and click on the share button! After you get there, post the link Webflow gives you here.

This link works on all devices

That link is working now! Unfortunately, it’s not taking me to your Skype account. The link (if I tell it to open in a new tab) gives me a blank page.

I may be able to better assist if you provide the share link to your project rather than the URL it’s hosted on.

Of course it will give you a blank page )) You shouldn’t open it in new tab, you should just tap it on your mobile phone and the Skype will opens. Then you’ll go back to phone browser and you’ll see that skype icon is friezed lifted.