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Taking card details but not payment

Hi everyone,

I have a client who wishes to take card details without taking payment. This is a related to a cancellation policy they have in place.

To explain: if one of their customers fails to show (they are a restaurant) they can charge them a cancellation fee. Therefore they don’t want to take any advanced payment but do need to make sure, if they do need to charge the card, the card is valid.

Anyone have any suggestions.
Many thanks in advance.

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Hi! In my zone (France) this behavior is possible but forbidden. Instead, there are many options.

Every payment terminal is capable of handling this situation by taking an “imprint” of the card. You enter the sum, you specify that it’s an imprint for a possible cancellation, insurance fee… anything, and proceed with the card details exactly like for a payment process. Except the client isn"'t charged. He will receive a notification when it expires, or when it’s used to pay a cancelation fee or insurance fee. This is both for mobile payment terminals and online payment.

So if apart of that they already have an online payment system, I’m pretty sure they can put that in place the right way.

Thanks Vincent.

I can handle terminal payments but it’s not quite what I was after but I appreciate your time in responding.

Hi @BUMPandHUSTLE, thanks for the question.

Currently, gathering any kind of credit card info for purchases, is is usually done through the third party service provider, who is providing the shopping cart or authorization. That information is normally sent direct to the shopping cart provider over the shopping cart provider SSL.

This shopping cart code is usually embedded using the embed widget:

It sounds like you will need a third party payment service to do the authorizations and use custom code to handle the authorization messages from the payment provider.

I would check with the cc merchant provider and see if they have some embed or custom code snippets that can help with this.

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