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Take over my Webflow sites

Hi all,

I’ve been using Webflow for quite a while and developed some personal/biz projects/ideas.

At this point, I’m very busy with my full time job so, I am looking for people interested in take over the sites. This is not a freelance post, you’ll basically will take my sites and use them for business.

If interested, please send me a DM to show the sites I’m planning to release.


I’m going to move this to freelance.

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Hey @carlos94587, let’s chat. I’d be interested in take a closer look at the Product job board you have. Feel free to DM me.

@carlos94587 I’m glad that your full-time job is able to support you! I’m interested to see what you’ve had in mind; I’d love to keep your projects in the light.

I know I’m three days late, but if you still need anyone to help you out, please DM me!


As an FYI, This post was not Freelance related

Thanks for letting us know @carlos94587 - I guess it is the closest category we currently have.

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