Tagline - Newbie question

Hey guys,
Sorry for the newbie question.
What is this tagline used for? Should I delete it?


You can use taglines to set a context for the headline. So you tell the user the context he/she should have in mind when he/she reads the headline.

For example:
((Tagline)) New in stock
((Title)) Samsung Galaxy S42

((Tagline)) Review
((Heading)) Why the new iPhone isn’t that bad.

((Tagline)) Our motto
((Title)) Keep it simple.

Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot for the explanation, Martin. In terms of SEO, how important is it?

It doesn’t really make a big difference for SEO.
Generally, if you think the tagline will help your users understand your content better, it will probably also help in terms of SEO. But the impact on your SEO isn’t that big and you shouldn’t use taglines just for SEO-reasons.

Got it. Thanks again!

Think of it like a piece of parsley next to a steak. Sure you could serve the steak alone… but garnish adds color, flavor, contrast, interest, without actually distracting from the main dish.