Tabs work on preview but not live site STRESSFUL

I have spent a good amount of time building this section out, all for it not to show on the live site. Everything works perfectly in preview mode but none of the information in the tabs show on the live site. I spent the past 2 days trying to figure this out and I’m no further forward. PLEASE HELP!

[1] Webflow - Synergease - Transaction Coordinator Services

You have a script error- something related to your embedded commoninja lib.

I uninstalled Commonninja and it deleted all of my content on my live site. I then did a backup and the content reappeared, while commonninja is uninstalled but its still showing in the code/causing issues.

Do you mean restored from a backup?

If you’ve restored commonninja but don’t want it, you’ll need to figure out how to remove it.
“It deleted all of my content” doesn’t make sense, either you’re bringing in content from an external source through a CN component or you had a CSS issue related to that library that was hiding your content.

Either way, right now you have a script error that might be interfering with your site operation and part of your tabs problem.

You should be able to find it by walking through the setup guide again, just in reverse. Remove the CSS, the libs, the attributes, etc.