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Tabs (Unique Background Images and Copy for Each)

Having trouble creating unique background images, with unique text, for each TAB (content area/pane).

Tried a zillion combinations. Create unique copy and images as “symbols”, then lay under each TAB?


What do you try to get?

  1. same background and text for all tabs
  2. different background and different text for all tabs
  3. same background with different text for all tabs

Also can you check the 1st post of the forum and share your public link?

Goal is to have different content under each tab (text, images and video), and each of these unique content sections should also have it’s own unique (opaque) background.

Can this be down in Webflow?

One of the other problems is that I seem to be having is that when I drop a background into these tab content sections, and make it opaque, the text on top also goes opaque. Can’t seem to seprate them.


I admit I don’t fully understand your issue. But yes, you can.

Example :

Project :

Okay - thanks… At least I know I’m not doing down a black hole :-). I’ll plug away some more.