Tabs that are less than 18px tall

Is there a reason why tabs can’t be smaller than 18px tall? Whatever I do or specify they always retain a minimum height of 18px

I guess the height of this is defined by the “line-height” property in the Typography panel. So select the text and vary its size.

When you do unique lines of text in a block, a k a something like a button, it’s convenient to let the height of the element to auto and set the height on the text element, so you don’t have to deal with the vertical centering of the text, which is a HUGE deal.

As you say, it’s a guess but a wrong one I’m afraid. Removing the text field doesn’t change the outcome.

You have 9 pixels of padding on the top & bottom = 18… Maybe it is the default for Tabs so people can easily see it? Maybe you put it there… Adjust that and you can make your tabs any height you want

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Thanks, I can’t believe I missed that, I didn’t put it there though!

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