TABS ==> Style tab menu (The class not added to active node)

TOPIC: Tabs => styling menu

Chrome (last version).

When the tab link is active no way to add a class to [s]-style panel. I see the class only in the navigator (Webflow adds this CSS. But it works weird).

Also when I inspect code I find a lot of classes (tab-link-tab-1-19 tab-link-tab-1-20 tab-link-tab-1-21 tab-link-tab-1-22):

Hi @Siton_Systems

Thanks so much for posting.

I opened a new project and tested the tabs component and all seemed to work as expected.

That said, I was unable to play the video you shared so I’m not for sure on what steps you are taking to see this error.

Can you please try to share video once more and also let me know the exact steps to reproduce the issue? Can you also please share your Read-Only link :slight_smile:

​Thanks in advance!

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