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Tab's link settings don't work for jumping to a section

I would like to know if someone had this issue with the Tabs Widget. When I double click on tabs the link settings shows up, then I try to select a section to make the area under the tabs visible. But the action of selecting sections does not work for the tab’s links. Thanks in advanced for the support and this awesome tool.

the link to the website:

Could you please share you read only link?

Thanks for your quick response!

You need to put the content of the 2nd Tab under the 2nd Tab Pane…

Does that solve it?

Actually not. I just put placement content under all tabs. but the problem still exists. There is no way to assign a jump to the section, “tab-sect”, I created (or any other section, external website url, different page…, etc ). This action is not happening for any of the tab links via the Link Settings box that appears when I double-click the tab link. It seems to me a bug to this point. Because if the code is exported the I can do it writing href="#tab-sect" inside the link tag. Thanks!!

Hi @coafer. can I clarify, are you trying to link to a specific tab in a tab widget, or when clicking on a tab link, move to another section that is outside of the tab widget?


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Thanks Cyberdave! Actually the action I want is to link a section on the tab link. Which is the same section where the tab widget is placed (hidden down the view port), allowing the user to see the tab content when clicking on the tab link. Sorry if I didn’t explain well. Thanks in advanced.

@coafer, no worries, when we all talk about sections and tabs and links and section links and tab links, it can get confusing pretty fast.

Lets say, do you want the user to click a link at the top of the page, and then the page scrolls to the tabs widget and displays the content for a specific tab ? Is that it?


Hi Cyberdave! Thanks so much for the help. But I want to add the action you are saying to the actual tab link. Then it would be:
1-Click on any tab link (Accommodations, Procedures, Body & Soul, and Achievements)
2-The page scroll down and the content of the tab get into the view-port.

That would be possible if the link’s settings dialog box will allow you to select any section. But that is not happening.

Thanks so much!

Hi @coafer, the Tab links do not work that way currently. You can link to sections with a Nav Link, using the “section on this page” dropdown list in link settings, but this does not work on a tabs widget tabs link.

The tab links in the tabs widget specifically work with tab content panes, and the regular URL links are not shown:

My suggestion would be to create a nav menu with links to sections on your page, placed under the body element, and then put tab widgets in those sections. When the Nav Links are clicked, the page will smooth scroll to the page section selected.

Do not be afraid to experiment, I would also recommend to create a duplicate of your site so that you can test things :slight_smile:


Thanks Dave! It was very clear the way you explained the tab links. It is true they don’t have the Link Settings on the right panel, although it is possible to see the same dialog box making double click on the tab link. That was the reason why I was insisting in doing such an action :smile: . Anyway I am going to try to resolve the problem in the way you said, but I don’t see it very clear. Maybe you could explain me a little bit more.
I appreciated all the help and effort to understand my problem. This is a great forum!

Finally I did some trick to go around. I created some links for each tab, placed over with absolute position and transparency as a mask. Then I made an interaction to go to the specific section (the tabs section) and after that all masks will be displayed to “none”. But the only problem I see is the mask only work for going to the section, not for opening the tab. At the end I have to click twice, firts for going down to see the tabs content, and second for opening the tabs. Is there any way I could move the page down and at the same time opening the tab? Thanks for any advice!!

Hi @coafer, thanks I understand what you mean on the double click on the link, it does show you the option.

The Tab Link can be used to navigate the tabs, or to be used as a regular section link, but not both at the same time. This is why I was thinking that a nav link to the section, then a second click on the desired tab to open the section might be an alternative solution. :slight_smile:

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