Tabs Issue, not working after certain section?

Hi everyone!
I’m having an issue with using multiple tabs elements on the page I’m designing.

I have a tabs element somewhere in the middle of my site that’s working completely fine. But today I tried to add another tabs element below it…it displays just fine but when I publish the site or view it in the preview mode I can’t click on the tabs and change them. Like there is no tabs data. I noticed when hovering over the broken tabs, no hyperlink data shows in the left corner (for example:: #tabs-0-data-pane-1)

The weird thing is that adding new tab elements anywhere before the current one all work just fine, but when adding it anywhere after (all the way through the footer) it just won’t work…

I tried various things and I’m troubleshooting this for hours with no success.
It feels like a z-index issue at first, but it isn’t…

Feel free to check out the site, this are the tabs elements:

tabs element 2

I really hope someone can crack this one for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance!

Hi @djani_cro Can you provide the read-only link please to your site so we can have a look?

Thanks for replying!
I decided to re-arrange the website and move that tab that was not working above where it works…I had the link shared, but the website is changed now so you can’t see the issue anymore.

I’m having a different issue now with IOS/Safari, where 2 elements are not displaying correctly.
If you have any experience with IOS debugging I would appreciate your time.

Here’s the link: Need help with IOS/Safari wrong display