Tabs, Dynamic List, Nav Bar + feedbacks on my first website

Hello Webflow,

I learned webflow recently in order to make that website for a client (a craft beer importer and distributor based in France) and I think I am getting close to the end, the website v.1

I still have some issues with Tabs.

  1. As you can see there is a line that appears on top of each of my tabs, and I try to get rid of it, and I don’t know how, it appeared since I decicded to play with the colors in the background.

  2. When I press on a Tab to open it, I would like that the tab keep it’s colors (refering to each breweries).

Dynamic List.

It seems that when I add more elements, sometime they jump from a row to another and create gaps in between my columns. This does not happen in all of my Dynamic Lists, but when I change the dynamic list layout this issues appear or disappear.

Is this related to the size of the images not being always the same?

Nav Bar.

For some reason my Nav Bar is hidden behind elements on my page.

And of course, if you have any feedbacks on the overall design I am here to listen.

I still need to make the interaction between the Nav Bar and the sections and to make the Contact field work.

Thanks so much!

Here is my public share link: Website CBF
(how to access public share link)

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