Tabs colors do not change on :current state

Hello everyone, need some help with changing the tabs design and make it like on the screenshot. I used finsweet method to connect headings with attributes. Tried to just change color of heading but it doesn’t work when I publish. Thanks in advance.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - H24

Can anyone help with this?

Hi Kyriacos,

It’s important to actually show the problem you’re trying to solve so that the community can assist. I think I was able to find the published page you’re describing here-

But if I’m on the right page, I don’t see any issues? The selected tab is highlighting fine.

Hey, yes but I can’t find how to change the font and backround color like shown on tab 1 on screenshot above, when i tried to change heading font on designer they all just become white instead of only the selected.

IMO all you need to do is change style for current

I already have tried that but I think because it’s the method with attributes it doesn’t work when you publish.

hi @kyriacosgeo this should work. I have now checked your live page and I see you are using CSS variables for colors and it may be an issue. Just strip it down and try to use just normal colors for initial and hover state.

Not sure why still doesn’t work :frowning: