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Tablet Preview bug?

Tablet view is somehow being affected by Mobile landscape styling within Webflow but the published page has correct breakpoint styling.

Tablet view but looks like mobile styling

Mobile view

Not a big deal, just curious if it’s a known bug or if I can fix this somehow. Just a little annoying trying to move things around and not actually knowing what tablet view looks like until I publish.

Hi Brenton,

Are you talking about the word wrap in the H1? or the buttons?
Please be more specific :slight_smile:

Ok, so as I was trying to explain this better and snapping more screenshots I think I’ve figured out what’s actually happening here.

When I click Tablet View
Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 12.39.15 PM
You’ll notice the default width set to 768px, but the page looks like my mobile design.

Now if I change the Tablet View width by 1 more pixel to 769px I get the expected “tablet view design” and not the mobile design.

So I assume there is a bug with the default Tablet View state?

I am still having hard time to understand where the problem is :confused:
Which element behaves not as it suppose to?

Also - can you share a read-only link?

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