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Tablet mode acting strange with flex


I have been experimenting and exploring Webflow this week to build a personal site. Still learning the platform and seeing what possible for pushing limits a bit. A lot of the snags I am hitting turn out to be pretty simple and just part of the learning curve.

I think I hit a snag today that I don’t understand.

The flex boxes I built don’t seem to be working on the tablet. They are extending way past vertical height and I cannot seem to understand why. Hopefully, someone can enlighten me. Love the platform so far though!

Thanks in advance guys!


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I can’t help you here. There are so many settings that’s hard to say what’s what.
My solution.
Remove all CSS settings and start from scratch. And when settings don’t have the results you want, remove them before you continue. CSS is cascading, so settings you make interact with each other. Less is better.

Hey Hans,

Yea I figured. It’s pretty messy haha. Thanks for looking. I’ll keep fooling around and learning then start a clean one when I have a better idea of what I want.

I appreciate your time though.