Tablet/Mobile Nav Dropdown not showing sub dropdown content but can be seen on desktop.

Hey Webflow gang,

I hope you’re doing well.

I just started working with Webflow a week ago and learning as much as I can.
I’m working on a practice site and I’m using the Nav bar from Untitled Ui Layout.

I have the Nav set up the way I want it on Desktop but I can’t get the Tablet and Mobile versions to show the same sub-menu dropdown content. I only added new pictures and texts at the desktop menu drop down level from the original Nav Layout. I’m not able to see those contents in the tablet or mobile breakpoints.

I’d love any and all feedback on how to fix this. Pics and Read-Only link below. Hopefully this problem helps us both learn something new.

Menu open in Desktop mode:

Menu open in Mobile mode but is mostly hidden to the right:

Menu can be seen in preview mode correctly however, nothing is showing up in the sub-menu dropdowns.

Happy to answer any questions or follow-ups on this.

Very much appreciate you for taking the time to look through this.


Here is my site Read-Only: