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Tablet menu only opens with 2 clicks

The specific tablet menu in question is this one.

The tablet menu opens on 1st click when you click on the icon the very first time.

But after that, the tablet menu only opens on the 2nd click.

We used the same navbar layering and animation on another page called Next Episode. The tablet menu for that page works no problem. We checked all the z-index for the navbar elements between the 2 pages, and they are all the same. They also use the same tablet menu animation to open the menu.

We are incredibly puzzled still, despite trying to figure this out for days! Would anyone be able to provide a fresh second eye and look into this please?


hi @skinpores did you try to find why this happened and/or solution here on forum as it is one of most asked question?

Hint: usually it is related to assigninig interaction to wrong element

Hi @Stan,
Thanks for checking on this. No, we have not got a solution to this.

We tried removing all interactions related to tapping mobile menu icon (i.e. tap to open/close, the modal click area interaction etc.), and tried removing the page modal (the dark overlay), then designated a test element to show up upon clicking on mobile menu icon (so we know that it works on the first click), then adding each interaction back one by one.

But with or without any of those interactions or modal elements, after clicking on the menu icon the first time, the menu icon interaction won’t work till the 2nd click.

We also tried setting the z-index to 99 for the navbar and the mobile menu icon. But the problem remained. :frowning:


hi @skinpores on my side menu opens on first click so I can’t replicate your issue. Here is short video of what I see.

ahh sorry we weren’t clear. The specific mobile menu icon that we were referring to is the one on tablet breakpt for the page called Postscent.

hi @skinpores so you have created different menu for specific page. Why you do not use one that already works? Anyway, I have post several times here link for custom navigations examples but I can’t find them via search.

These are simple custom navigation created from scratch. So check how and where. Unfortunately I am not able to help with this nav as there is many issues on your site that makes hard to find and debug but I hope that navigations from link below will give you an idea what to fix in your page. :wink:

custom navigations

PS: It is always better create one navigation that works the way you need and create component from it to be able to use this nav on any page.

Thanks for the link! Will check it out :slight_smile:

@Stan, sorry to trouble you once again!
You mentioned there are a lot of issues on the site. As we aren’t developers, would you mind letting us know how we can identify those issues please? :slight_smile:
On published site and in webflow previews, the pages work pretty much the way we wanted. But we obviously want to make sure things are ok even if they don’t appear to (from what we can see) cause issues on the published site.
If you can let us know, that would be splendid!!! Thanks so much!!

Hi @skinpores I’m sorry but I really do not have time to go over all issues. Some can have impact on your site performance, some are UI/UX related (but this is personal opinion about showing nav 4 different ways ) but major issue is for example with responsiveness. Overall website look nice, just pay attention to navigation and responsiveness. I have demonstrated some issues in video. :wink:

Here are screenshots of another issues that should be revisited

Image optimisation ?

page loading time issue (tested on desktop with connection speed 150Mbps )