Tables with alternating color rows

Would love something that creates tables with banded color rows. Could be rows of info or labels and values, etc.

It’s basically an extension of the feature discussed in How do i make tables likes these

I’ve found workarounds such as pasting in html blocks but that’s just plain fugly - um, pardon me - it’s inelegant.

And, speaking of fugly, here’s a down and dirty example of what I’m trying to describe…

Thanks much. Incredible tool btw. Seriously researched nearly 10 paid and free apps and Webflow is simply the best balance of powerful and intuitive out there. Hands down.

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You can easily create these by using the rows/columns widget @LG3 It takes a few steps to make the row types, but once you have them, you can effectively create responsive tables with them. :slight_smile:

The steps are to create your row types (with background colors), then the columns can be edited to add the borders within each one.

Here is an example of them built in Webflow, as well as the read-only link to go and learn how to make them:

Read Only Webflow link (Go to the Catering Page):

Please let me know if you have any questions or need a tutorial. :smile:

Thank you,