Table with Powerful Rich Text (Finsweet)

Hello everyone,

I know that Finsweet’s Tableau application has been available since this week. It works for static pages, which is great. But here’s my problem.

Are any of you used to creating tables in the richtext of a collection? (in particular via Finsweet’s Powerful RichText)

I’ve followed step 1 and step 2 of Finsweet, so far so good. When I add the HTML code of my table in my richtext, all the content appears, but on a single column and without any style for my borders. I’ve gone back and forth with ChatGPT a few times, but I can’t find a way to get a nice table in my richtext!

If I put the same HTML code in an Embed my table appears correctly but it’s not what I want.

PS: I don’t want my HTML code to be in an Embed, visually it works great, but when I export/re-import my data the Embed content disappears.

If you have an explanation, I’m all ears.

Kind regards