Table of Service Features

I’m looking at moving a custom site I’ve built over to a WYSIWYG/CMS tool and one of the features that I’d like replicated is this table of features and their services. I’ve gone through the basic CMS tutorial provided by Webflow, but I’m still struggling to see how I could build such a component. Any ideas of additional tutorials/examples that would help guide me in how to create this on Webflow?

My initial thought was to have a Many-to-many relationship in the CMS that would be placed in a grid, but I’m not sure I see how it would be possible to ensure that the grid items (services and their features) align with each other.

Hey Patrick, interesting project-
The table build is simple but the mobile view requires a bit of thinking.

I decided a video walkthrough of your design options would work best.

Wow, Michael. Thanks so much for the detailed solution proposal. Since I’m just getting started with Webflow, this will probably be quite a bit to digest, but I’m excited to try it out and take your suggestions to try and accomplish this. It’s good to know that you’ve done many similar builds successfully, so that helps let me know that I’m not going down a treacherous path.

I’ll definitely keep you up to date on the progress. Wishing you a Happy New Year!