Table of contents - for CMS (and another question)

Hi guys!
Hope you are all doing well. So I have been trying to learn Webflow for a couple of months and slowly but surely Im getting better BUT now I just realized that I havent used Rich text/actually used the CMS for my blog post but been acting like its a static page. :open_mouth: This gave me quite a headache. What is more headache is that I now have no clue how to make a table of content into a dynamic piece with links and pictures?

(see share link:

So what Im trying to say is that I want to use that table of contents for upcoming posts but with different names of the chapters of course. Can someone please enlighten me? I am completely lost. Another question: I have made some pictures and then added the text in the designer so the picture is really picture + text. Is there any way to add text to a picture that is pulled from a CMS collection?

Thank you so much in advance and Im sorry Im a bit all over the place