Table Matrix for Multiple Class Slots

I have this google sheet for a dance studio. They have four studio rooms and each day there’s about 3-6 classes that happen at different times.
They’re usually on the hour, but not always. Sometimes 4:00 and another is at 4:30.

Here’s a screenshot of what my Google Sheet looks like currently.
Any recommendations on how to design this in webflow so that is looks neat and easy to use?
Particularly for mobile.
The easiest thing to do is to embed an Airtable view or Google sheet view, but that doesn’t look good for mobile.

This gets updated one time per year.

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There are lots of ways you could go about this, but my first thought is using tabs for each of the studios and then listing the content in a grid within each tab content panel. You can even use this solution from @cpjackman to turn the tabs into a dropdown on mobile which improves the UX on smaller screens.

Ultimately it depends on the rest of the design and how important it is to feature the studio listings in one area rather than having them come after one another down the page.

Good luck on the project and don’t forget to let us know what you came up with! :webflow_heart:

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Thats a great idea.
Actually I’ve used that tab > dropdown approach on another site before.
Thanks again!

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