Table layout help

Hi! I have to make a table as on the image.
the question is what tool is better to use, because it must be adapted logically.
can anyone advice me is it better to use grid, slider or smth else? thanx for any tip

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Tables are not mobile friendly. There are a couple of different ways to tackle this problem but which way is best depends on your requirements for the end users. What are they? Example; need to sort and copy, need copy only, no need for copy. Tabular data should usually be presented as such. Also what are the requirements for mobile users?

Here are some of the ways you could solve it.

You can build HTML tables by hand and embed them as custom code, you could embed an Airtable or Google sheet, you could use images in place of tables, You could build grid layouts for each table and then refactor for breakpoints.

Personally I find * to offer the simplest solution for embedding tables and they can be responsive as well. Their free plan is typically all that is needed and customers can maintain the data easily.

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