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Tab panes are incorrectly appending to the bottom

I am customizing the Loyal template. I did something to the tab panes whereby the All tab always shows now instead of being replaced by each of the other category pages. Now when I click on another Tab (for example residential) that tab gets appended to the bottom below the All pane content.

This first screenshot shows the All tab pane content showing

This next screenshot shows the Residential Tab pane getting appended below the All tab instead of replacing it like it used to.

Here is my public preview

I am having the same issue as well. If nobody responds I’m going to log a bug.

I literally had to recreate the entire thing to get it to work again

Hello guys, im the author of Loyal template, please can u add a shared link of project so i can take a look cloase! :slight_smile:

I already had to rebuild it from scratch so my project link wouldn’t be of any help right now because it all works now. @superevan might be able to help though