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Tab Page Relocation Issue


I’m having a problem with my tabs widget. Even when I add a new tab to my page to test it out, no matter what, every time I hit a tab button it relocates to the top of the page.

I’ve attached links below and here is screen capture of the issue:

Danke Schon for whomever can and is willing to assist.


I’m right there with you! I’ve created new websites and added tabs - it still has the problem. I’ve also duplicated the projects and it still doesn’t fix the problem. This might be a complete webflow problem? It just happened today - yesterday was perfectly fine.

Hope someone fixes this soon!


Same here, the issues has appeared today and seems to be something to do with this #w-tabs-1-data-w-pane-0 being automatically appended to the URL. Thankfully it seems that pages published before yesterday don’t have the issue

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