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Tab menu text jumps/shifts up and down on click

Hello. Firstly, sorry for my english :)) I have problem with tabs. When i press on - they shake.
Check it -
Also logo shakes, but they located in different places. - It’s project.


Can you share a video of what you are experiencing?

As well as browser, it’s version.

And operating system, and it’s version.

It seems as an isolated instance.

There is no shaking. I am using Google Chrome

It’s video -
I use Elementary Os (based on Linux - Ubuntu) and work in Google Chrome. that i downloaded from official Google’s source.
If i get out tabs from container - it works right, but if i put it in - shakes again.

Hi @helg, as others have stated, I also do not see any text movement as shown in your video. This is super strange and may be related to your browser/environment.

Can you update your post to include the exact machine, OS, and browser type and version #?

Thanks in advance!

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