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Tab menu container issues

Hey everyone, I may be really overlooking this problem I’m running into but here it is:
I have a tab menu component that is within a container so that it behaves like the rest of the content of the page. The one thing is that I need the menus background of white to fill the entire width of the page and its not because of that container.

I’ve tried a couple of things but can’t seem to get it to workout. Can someone help?

Here is my site Read-Only:


I wouldn’t build it using columns (use GRID instead), anyway simply duplicate the tabs element and move it out of the container and delete the unnecessary elements as you can see in the attach recording :slight_smile:

Hey @shokoaviv thanks for the response! Interesting approach but haven’t you disconnected the tabs from the content by doing this? I don’t think the tabs work anymore with this way. I was also hoping to have the tabs be left justified and aligned with the rest of the content.


Think you right - You may replace the container with DIV