Tab Interaction / Loading Bar Problem

Ready-only link: Webflow - Adspert - Make every bid smartly

This thing doesn’t work right. I want it to switch the next when the bar is loaded. Unfortunately, nothings happen.

Is there anyone who can help me?

Hey @Louis_Darques, I watched your video for the problem fixing, impressive. would you like to help me :slight_smile:

Hey, @nihat Do watch this video if you haven’t already @ [00:51:20] it might help you. And please post your published link so that we can inspect and check.

Youtube Link


Link of the website :
And my public share link :

My webflow / designer website :

If you need help contact me at Have a nice day.

I really appreciate your support! I think the solution is in your ready only link. Looks promising, but link is broken. I couldn’t open it.

Here is the public share link (Not broken haha)

Have a nice day ! If you have any question, ask me.

Really thank you, it works now @Louis_Darques :pray:t2:

You’r welcome ! Can you put my answer as the solution ? Thanks a lot, see you soon !

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