Tab element - tab link animation


I’m trying to replicate this tutorial: How to Add Auto Rotating Tabs in Webflow guide by | Flowbase
My problem is related to the second part of the tutorial when I animate the loader in each tab link.

My problem is, when I load the page, all loaders bars animate the same time.
I want only the first one to animate, then the second one, then the third… The normal behavior.

I made the animation on my tab link item. Can you please take a look and show me how to fix the problem?

Huge thanks! Théo.

Read-only link here.

Here is my public share link: LINK

Up. I need some help !

The link you shared is not working, please check or post it again.

Sorry, I edited the read-only link.

Can someone help please ? :frowning:

It would have been helpful if you give some pointer about where to look at. Briefly looking at the page I wasn’t sure which one are the tabs.

So for your issue, you’ve set page load animation on the parent section of those tabs. Which animates all the tab load bars as the page is loaded.

So remove that interaction and check.