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Tab Contents Shift When Clicked

I apologize if this isn’t a bug and should be in Design Help. I am new to webflow.

This is referring to the “Team” portion of the website. I have my tabs set up how I want them and they seem to scale appropriately, though when I click on the tab, it seems to shift either left, right, (and one tab shifts down) roughly 5 px. All states read the same, so the pressed and focused state are not different stats. I also do not have an interaction that should cause this.

The public web address is…Here
Project is…Here

If anyone knows why it may be acting this way, please let me know. Any other tips (Pam seems to be an issue when scaled certain ways) would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, @bmneu

The tablinks have a global class “Biotab” This class has a changed parameters in Focused state

Then, the same global class in Current state has changed parameters too

When you will remove all that changed parameters you will just have to adjust top margin for “Pam” tablink.

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Wow, thank’s for the quick response :slight_smile: The webflow community is awesome!

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:slight_smile: You are welcome. We are happy to have a new member.

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