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Tab click animating to above section

Hi team,
I’m facing a small issue on tab animation. sometimes when i click on tab i’m going to the above section.
Pls help me with this animation issue.
Thank you.

Website link:

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Goldcast

Hey @Mayur_Pokle Thanks for sharing the links to your project. Could you please add instructions on how to find the tab and section on the page. This will help myself and others be able to help you find a solution to the issue.


Hi @matthewpmunger ,
The tab section is present on home page. You can refer above screenshot.
And I noticed someone changed the topic name.
If i click on any tab the page scrolls up suddenly.
I’m attaching the screen the video pls check.


Hey @Mayur_Pokle

Thank you for sharing the video of the issue. While I can clearly see it in the video, I’m unable to reproduce the issue in Chrome or Safari. Please follow the instructions below to escalate this to our support team for investigation.

It is likely we’ll need to investigate and discuss your private account details. Could you please contact our Customer Support Team at

One of our Customer Support Team Specialists will be able to investigate and respond via email! Thank you so much!