Syntraffic performance report shows large images being served on mobile

@YoavGivati do you know of any website performance services that provide ongoing checks and reports? i found one, but they seem to not show accurate information for mobile.

Syntraffic says the mobile version of the site is serving 1.5MB images. any ideas on a more accurate way to test for this?

(i’m using the responsive images feature so perhaps the performance tools they’re using aren’t up to date?)

@thewonglv I’m not aware of any tools that do that, but when I load the site with dev tools open it shows the site weight at 3MB on mobile compared to the 9MB I’m seeing on desktop.

SynTrafffic Mobile is an iPad like device so it is currently more of a tablet than a mobile.

Sorry about the confusion, we will fix the drop down to indicate so and also introduce a true mobile option.

We ran the report on a samsung like mobile device, and the results haven’t changed. It is still downloading the large images and page size is still 9MB.

What do you mean by “samsung like device”?

More specifically, does the browser your tool is using / emulating have support for srcset? If it is just fetching the src of the image, then yes, the full size images will always be downloaded. However this is not what will happen when the site is actually viewed on a mobile device.

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Verified that our current emulator doesn’t support srcset. Performed some hand tests to confirm that the lower size images are being downloaded on a Samsung S6.

@nathan have you come across any tools that show a site’s performance over time? The amount of iterations you can make with a Webflow site give us the means to make improvements so quickly and seeing the immediate performance impact would be so useful.

*Alternatively, making ambitious iterations on a site could lead to a negative performance impact. The more wonderful features I utilize/plugin the more i realize that i may be doing harm to the site (possibly)

SynTraffic’s engine has been updated to properly emulate mobile and in this case srcset. You can see the results of Desktop vs Mobile which shows the differences in PageSpeed score, page size, PLT.

We have also integrated YSlow score that analyzes your web page and gives recommendations to optimize your page.

Setup page performance monitoring for your websites to view real-time reports and/or get daily reports.

Please share any feedback you have.

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This is really cool!!

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