Synchronizing two revolution sliders

Dear Sam

In this link you described how to best synchronize two revolution sliders.

While I think I understand step 2 I am not sure how to do step 1.

Step 1 was to give both slider nav bars an id. How do I do this?

Many thanks for your help.


Hi @reto-go,

To give your nav bars an ID you would first select the slider, then click on the cog to access the settings, and there you will be able to give your nav bar an ID:

Hope this helps :grinning:

  • Micah

Thank you Micah.

Mhhh. My windows look different than the one you attached. Was yours from revolution slider too?

Here is how my windows look like.


Thanks for the attached screens, @reto-go. Definitely helpful.

I believe the tutorial you mentioned earlier ( was for synchronizing Webflow sliders.

Are you exporting the Webflow site, then integrating it into a WordPress theme?

Maybe you could use the Webflow slider instead of the Revolution slider.

Hopefully this helps :smile:

Ahh. OK. Got it. Thank you.

Reto Siegrist