Synced typekit fonts are defaulting

I have published a Typekit kit containing 3 fonts to my domain. All 3 fonts show up in the list in the designer, but two of them are defaulting, i.e. - showing a generic serif fall back font rather than the actual font I want.

This has been the case for days, even though I have re-published several times and ensured they are pointing to the correct domains. It is very frustrating and is costing design/development time. Can someone offer any advice please?


Hi @jamie_dunmore

Can you please share your Read-Only link :slight_smile:

Hi @jamie_dunmore, if the issue is persisting, the read-only link will help, as well as the link to the published site. This will help to check if there are any sync messages coming from Typekit in the browser console.

Looking forward to your info, thanks in advance!

This was solved via direct messages :slight_smile:


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