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Symbols weight on page loading

Hello, I am building a website where I have a very long list with identical elements. Each element has a customizable image, text and pop-up animation. I was wondering if I should use symbols or not to improve my page loading speed. Do symbols “recycle code”, are they the same as simple CSS/Javascript or do they actually make the webpage heavier?

Thank you!

Hi @Giannibinari, thanks for the good question. Symbols themselves do not take up too much overhead, however if you are creating really large symbols with many, many elements with images and text, the page itself could be heavy due to so many elements and styles used.

The smaller you can keep your page structure and dom structure will help keep the site performance faster, generally the two biggest factors in page performance is total page weight in size of data download and how many page requests there are.

A good tool to check the site is at, it will help you analyize the real world bottlenecks if there are any present.

I hope this helps