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Hello! I am having a weird issue here. I’ve updated my RSVP form symbol with new copy and added an extra checkbox. My symbol doesn’t seem to be updating. If you scroll to the bottom of the Home Page, you can see the RSVP form that has been updated. The Navigation RSVP is still showing outdated information. Any ideas how to resolve this issue quickly?

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Hi your read only is 404, can you generate it again?

Updated Vincent, thanks.

I see a RSVP symbol with 3 checkboxes, in the bottom of the page.

However, the form you’re using inside of the popup is another symbol, the RSVP popup symbol…

So you have 2 symbols, 2 forms. Have you overlooked this?

Does this help?

Yes correct I would like the form with 3 checkboxes to appear in the Navigation pop up form.

How would I edit the RSVP pop up symbol to match the form symbol? Is there any command to copy and paste this?

Hi @Visuallynew

Is there any command to copy and paste this?

Yes, you can press CMD+C, then CMD+V (ctrl on Windows) to copy paste the symbol. Or you can open you Add Panel, press Symbols, and drag the correct symbol to the canvas :slight_smile:

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