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"Symbols" not keeping text styles/fonts when dragged to other pages

Unfortunately can’t share my public link since the site is NDA’d, but…

I have a homepage created. Navigation is styled the way I want, with custom fonts loaded correctly into Webflow. I turn that navigation into a symbol to use through the rest of the site.

But when I drag the symbol into a new page, the fonts become smaller, and default to Arial. What’s going on? Any help is appreciated.

Okay, even stranger, now that the navigation is a symbol, when I make edits to the homepage instance of it, none of the other navigation symbols update.

Nevermind, figured it out. The font issue was caused because I forgot to bring over the Body style to the sub pages, which was determining base font and size.

And symbols weren’t updating because (for some reason) “Current” was being added as a style when I selected an element to edit, so it was only editing the current instance of it I guess? Confusing, but it worked once I was sure to edit the actual style without “current” appended to it.

Hi, @helmsmith

The link will automatically have a “Current” state when you are on the page (or section) that this link is linking to.

It is actually correct way to style links :slight_smile:

Glad to know you figured it out.


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