💖 Symbols Marketplace!

Hello everyone,

Wouldn’t it be great if we could have some kind of Symbols Marketplace for everyone to share, use or even collaborate?
It would have all those useful interactions, navbars, custom sliders, 3D objects, porfolio gallery, Header+Footer combos, or even color palettes, gradients and fonticons.

Understand the subtility, it’s not another Add-Ons Marketplace to add functionnalities (Fedex, Stripe etc.), it’s a Symbols Marketplace for small, time-saving, design elements. For Creative Geeks like us.
And what I really mean by “Collaborate”: We’d be able to fork the Symbol of anyone, in a simplified Github forking system (letting us improve the custom scripts, or enhancing the responsiveness of a design).


  1. Because right now, it’s a pain in the *ss to use other people’s tips & tricks
    There’s so much people publishing those (great) tricks as Cloneable sites in the Discover area… But it’s so freaking tedious! To use it you either need to start a project from scratch, or replicate it step by step manually inside your current project.

  2. Because it’s going to be an awesome (if not the best) alternative to Codepen / JSFiddle
    It will give Webflow the chance to gain traction from Codepen / JSFiddle users and alikes.

  3. Because it’ll give Webflow a real Social Network power
    It would sky rocket Webflow above the “builders” competition, making it a real Social Network for Front-End Developers / UI Designers.

Am I ringing a bell to anyone? What do you think?

Our CEO has revealed that it is one of the things we are working on.

Also, you can upvote this idea:

Very discreetly revealed then, I’ve not seen it in the Blog.

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