Symbols Footer will not Design in phone Display.. No Idea Why Like its Stuck

Designing seems to be the hardest part with Webflow.
Its like im not on the Right Selection because designing in phone mode the images and buttons do not respond to anything I do…

So Frustrating Eats up hours and hours of time… Trying to make the items line up which I cannot do.

Even in this Forum I cannot find the place to upload a video… My Skills are Below Average Way.

Hey! You could use a free service like Cloudapp for sharing videos in the forum.

If you share your “read-only link” I can take a look at it :

Thank You Nicklas

I’ll take a look and see

I thought the WF forum allowed

The upload of screen shots and or videos.

Actually it’s s collection.

Not s symbol I’m having the darnedest styling for mobile

One thing for sure it’s

Nothing like graphic software

And I just have trouble moving

Items on the pages

They look horrible and messy

On mobile. Desktop they’re good

Mobile no so good.

But they are like stuck and

Will not move like they are froze

It’s frustrating to say the least

I uploaded it to Google Drive… Its processing Hope someone can figure out my issue…