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Symbols Editing Persistent UI

@webflow why?!
This persistent UI ruins the “Edit in place” idea, which is meant to be so cool.

For those suffering like me:
Use any custom CCS injector:

.bem-FocusedSymbolMask {

Much better

Out of curiosity, what payment platform is this?

@tws it’s a rough draft for one of my company’s product

Wow! Very cool website and product. So Xsolla payments integrates with webflow?

not actually, we’re prototyping in Webflow, but I’ll think about your idea :slight_smile:

It’s difficult finding subscription/payment platforms that integrate with webflow AND paypal. Xsolla has paypal (and many other gateways) integration, so it’d be amazing if it worked with webflow.

Did you build the website? It’s beautiful.

Hi @tws - have you been in contact with Josh @foxy - let them know your requirements, and they’ll quickly let you know if their product meets your webflow, paypal, subscription needs. A few others like Plasso also pretty responsive and enthusiastic to tie in with Webflow…

@ma11k - I think Vlad mentioned this in his recent Q+A with @PixelGeek - to do with the imminent new structure powering the designer, there are plans to make tweaking elements within symbols possible?


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@StuM Thanks for recommending us.

@tws Definitely let us know what your needs are and we can send more info, demos, etc. We’re a PayPal Gold Partner and offer robust subscription functionality that ties right into Webflow.


Thanks @tws!
The current Xsolla’s website is kinda obsolete, we’re working on revamping the whole thing.
Check the LP (BTW this LP is made with Webflow completely) and this Pay2Play product is totally about simple copy/paste integration that could be easily made with a Webflow based website.
You can contact for more detailed info and demo.

My apologies everyone, I should have said “it’s difficult finding subscription/payment platforms that integrate with webflow and paypal, AND have a Chinese version.” As we are in Taiwan, we need both an English and Chinese payment platform, and the only online payment system available in Taiwan is PayPal.

@StuM, thanks for the suggestions. I have looked into both foxycart and Plasso (Flexkit). I just recently contacted Plasso again to see when their latest update will be available (which will have PayPal integration). I believe it should be out within the next few weeks.

Regarding foxycart (hi Josh! @foxy), Josh and I had spoken in late April and I really liked the foxy platform. Josh provided some really great information, links, and a list of recommended developers we could use to help us implement foxycart. Since our website has free content and paid content, we would have to build a separate members area, as foxycart doesn’t handle password protection of content. Foxycart is a great product, but our needs are unfortunately out of their scope.

At this time, we’re still searching for a solution to meet our (strict) needs. We’re a small company with no existing revenue, so we’re trying to steer away from the high cost of hiring a developer to build a payment platform for us.

I appreciate everyone’s suggestions and feedback!

Right now, we’re looking into using Amazon Cognito for sign-in and management of users, however we haven’t found a way to integrate payments with it.