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Symbols count - Navbar 312 instances?

For some weird reason I’m having a 312 Navbar symbols count when I have about 22 pages in the project.

Will happily share the project link via DM with someone from the Webflow staff.

Thanks in advanced!

Hi @nita_design

Thanks for posting about this.

This is a known issue we are currently investigating.

Until we have a solution you can open up every page in the Designer and the total symbol count should start going down as shown here:
18 AM

​Please let me know if this solves the problem.

Thanks Brando.
I have noticed that when selecting the symbol in another page the number decreases, but when I get back to the initial page (home) it goes up again.

This is more than just the symbols count. I’m using a free plan with Findberry and it is telling me to upgrade since I have more than 120 pages (in reality I only have 22 pages), so this bug must be duplicating pages as well.

Please let me know when you find a solution for this bug, meanwhile I’ll try to go over al pages as you suggested.


Thanks so much for that extra information. Can you please DM me your Read-Only link? ​Thanks in advance!

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Done! Thanks for your help!

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My pleasure, I’ll post back here when our team finds a solution. :slight_smile:

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This seems to be solved now.
I deleted all the symbol instances and that dropped down the count.
So far, so good! :slight_smile:

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